THe WoBbly ShOp is not just an interesting name for a quirky little shop that is preparing to open on 3 IV 2013 or thereabouts in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. Its inspiration comes from ‘The Wobblies’ who, since 1905, have been an international union in the USA otherwise known as the Industrial Workers of the World.

The Wobblies organized, wrote, spoke, created and sang spreading their message, their spirit, their energy, their persistence and their inspiration to others.
Wobblies seek to fundamentally reconstruct the capitalist machine as it currently operates and help bring about a new organic system which puts people before profit, co-operation over competition, worth ahead of value.

In its own small way, THe WoBbly ShOp seeks to do the same by offering affordable fine artwork, photography, glassware, objets d'art, politically-inspired goods such as quotation mugs and mouse mats and other intriguing items that are mainly produced co-operatively and locally and not in pursuit of massive profit. Worth is graduated according to the quality of individual ideas, artistry and craftsmanship embodied by the work. Not a very Damien Hirst idea but there you go. Not so much the democratization of Art but its socialization. Not so much High Art as Hi Art.

When it opens, THe WoBbly ShOp will be a fusional hub around which good, honest, truly creative arts, artists, artistic activities as well as psychological well-being, media and social understanding through outreach courses will slowly but surely grow, gravitate and prosper, strengthen and concentrate. To a focal point perhaps. Why not come along for the ride, for the journey, for the adventure. You're more than welcome! Buying at TWS is more than shopping - it's living, and living well!

Julie (Founder) and Tim (Co-founder)